Lawyer Juan Branco indicted for “rape”

After the accusations of a young woman at the end of last April, Juan Branco, a high-profile and divisive lawyer for his support for the Russian artist Piotr Pavlenski and the “yellow vests”, was indicted on Tuesday for “rape” by a Parisian investigating judge, AFP learned on Wednesday from a source familiar with the matter, confirming information from Le Point.

Juan Branco was targeted by an investigation for rape, this woman, aged 20 at the time of the events, having filed a handrail at the police station of the XIVth arrondissement of Paris on April 29 after his meeting with the lawyer following exchanges on the Instagram network.

Placed in police custody a month later, the lawyer had mentioned a consensual sexual relationship. The two would have gone for a walk in the Luxembourg Gardens on Tuesday April 27, would have exchanged kisses and then would have gone to the lawyer’s home to watch a film there, according to him.

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