Lawyers’ World Cup: Boycott of Morocco due to Israel’s participation

Morocco’s Bar Association has decided to boycott the Lawyers’ Football World Cup, (called Mundiavocat), in Marrakech due to the participation of Israeli teams, it was reported on Wednesday. Channel 12.

The body that organizes the tournament has approached representatives of the teams in Israel and asked them not to come to the competition.

For the annual tournament, which this year takes place from May 7 to 15, 2022, no less than 3 groups of lawyers from Israel were to leave from Tel Aviv, Haifa and Nazareth.

According to announcements by the Moroccan bar, the decision to boycott Israeli groups was taken in the context of the “historic position of the Moroccan bar against normalization” with Israel.

The Moroccan bar also says it is “proud of the enormous sacrifice and unconditional support for the Palestinian issue”, while criticizing the possibility of the Israeli flag being hoisted during the tournament.

“In order to protect the existence of the entire event, you are requested not to come to Morocco on May 7 to compete in the Mundiavocat. We are truly sorry for the decision which saddened us, in light of the relationship we have long established with Israeli lawyers,” the competition organizers wrote to the Israeli teams.

The organizers added that they intended to return to the Israelis all the money they had spent to participate in the tournament. However, the Israeli lawyers claim that the money they were promised only includes registration for the tournament, but not money spent on plane tickets and hotels.

Israel Bar Association president Avi Chimi said the bar “which is an apolitical body that promotes the values ​​of equality, respect for others, is surprised and shocked by the decision to boycott Israel.” .

“I appealed to heads of law firms around the world to demand the boycott be lifted and their participation cancelled. At the same time, I appealed to Minister of Justice Gideon Saar and he is working hard to reverse the decision,” he said.

“I read the letter and I don’t believe it. We are returning to a dark period in history. I am shocked. This is a challenge for the bar and the players of the Bar Association. This is shameful,” said attorney Tami Ullman, president of the Haifa District Bar Association.

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