Lille: suspected of exam fraud, 13 student lawyers failed

Candidates for the certificate of aptitude for the profession of lawyer have just seen their exam copy, and as a result their application, rejected. The school board responsible for their training spotted suspicious similarities in their tests.

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They will have to revise their copy. Or rather wait for the next session before you can start working again. On the 108 candidates for the certificate of aptitude for the legal profession (CAPA) having presented the exam on September 1st, thirteen were rejected. ” They did not have their CAPA », confirms Frédéric Baube, the president of IXAD, the school of lawyers of the North-West region. Based in Lille, this center provides the training of future black robes for the courts of appeal of Douai, Amiens and Rouen. Or the Hauts-de-France and the former Haute-Normandie.

Last March, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an order from the Ministry of Justice established the principle of a remote exam. Previously, it took place face-to-face. After correction, reviewers spotted “ similarities between a number of copiesnotes Frédéric Baube, also former chairman of the bar of Compiègne. The school has taken disciplinary measures “.

“We are still talking about people who are supposed to explain to their future clients what the law and the rules are! »

The investigation, conducted by IXAD, also identified the use of addresses
identical IPs. ” We are still talking about people who are supposed to explain to their future clients what the law and the rules are! “, mocks a tenor of the Lille bar.

Today, the school prefers to insist on the value
of the 89 laureates. ” These have fully earned their certificate “, insists Me Baube, head of the school for two years. ” For me, this is the first time that IXAD has suffered such an incident.notes the president. And we’ve proven that our verification tools work. »

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