Lorraine. Eight puppies barely a few days old discovered in a box in the sun

One of the eight puppies unfortunately did not survive. (©DR)

It was a call she wished she had never received. Saturday April 16, 2022, Jennifer Bauer, co-manager of theanimal protection association Les Angesis called for help.

At the end of the line, he is told that a woman has just found a box in the town of Rehon (Meurthe-et-Moselle)with inside eight malinois puppies.

A child sent by adults?

On the spot, Jennifer meets the one who made the discovery, just in front of the veterinary clinic of the town, closed that day. From then on, the testimonies are linked.

I spoke with a shopkeeper who told me that she had seen a young boy running with a box in his hands. When she then saw the woman who had just discovered the box, and who was holding it in her hands, she made the connection. According to her, he would be ten years old.

Jennifer BauerCo-responsible for the animal protection association Les Anges

Feces everywhere

After a week of investigation and a denunciation, Jennifer goes, accompanied by the police, to an apartment located in Haucourt MoulaineSaint-Charles sector.

And there is the horror. At the home, seven puppies and six adult malinois were discovered. All are bathed in excrement. The owners prefer to let them do their business inside and then throw them out the window.

When we arrived, we found seven puppies and two females with full teats. According to the owners, the puppies of one of them would all have died at birth and would then have been thrown in a garbage can. But we don’t believe it. It is not possible !

Jennifer BauerCo-responsible for the animal protection association Les Anges

Not a first

Faced with the situation, seven puppies and five of the Malinois were seized. This is not the first time that an animal protection association has intervened at this home, according to Jennifer.

According to her, the owners multiply the reproductions. “The females make small on small and then they are sold on Facebook”.

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Died after the second day

Regarding the condition of the hairballs, they were taken care of by the refuge of Moineville. Unfortunately, one of the eight puppies did not survive. He died two days after his arrival.

The others were placed with foster families. If for the moment, their future remains uncertain, since they still haven’t opened their eyes and remain fragile, Jennifer wants to be optimistic and hopes that they will quickly find a loving family.

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