Luxembourg Court of Assize: Philippe Lemaire’s lawyers submit their mandate and are appointed ex officio

“The complexity of the procedure of an assize trial and the seriousness of the charges require that the accused be assisted by counsel”, said the President of the Court of Assize Olivier Warnon after interrupting the hearing for a few minutes.
From the start of the hearing, defense lawyers Dimitri De Coster and Sylvain Danneels took the floor to announce that they were giving up their mandate due to a disagreement with their client.
the court finally appointed them ex officio to ensure the defense of Philippe Lemaire. “I cannot grant you a postponement to allow you to choose another lawyer. the jury is constituted. We can’t go back,” added the President of the Court for the attention of the accused.
The hearing continued with the reading of the indictment by the Advocate General. Philippe Lemaire must answer for the assassination of his partner Marie-Thérèse Roufosse, killed by a bullet in the head the evening of July 15, 2018 in the presence of several witnesses, while she was in the “Au New Tacot” café that she operated in Bastogne. actively sought after, the 52-year-old Bastognard surrendered to the police on his own after two days on the run. He immediately recognized the facts.

In the indictment, Philippe Lemaire appears as a jealous and possessive man convinced that his partner was cheating on him.

The various people heard as part of the investigation evoke the tumultuous relationship between the victim and the shooter, presented as a possessive man with unhealthy jealousy.
Interviewed by investigators after his arrest on July 17, 2018, Philippe Lemaire explained that he considered himself “the service cuckold that nobody cares about”. The suspect initially admitted the facts, explaining that he had “freaked out” after being pushed to the limit by the victim.
His position as to the course of events subsequently changed. Philippe Lemaire then claimed to remember nothing, explaining this black hole by drugs that the victim would have poured into his glass.
The psychiatric analyzes carried out as part of the investigation paint the portrait of a paranoid, antisocial man, with psychopathic tendencies, totally devoid of empathy.
Philippe Lemaire must answer for the premeditated murder of his ex-girlfriend Marie-Thérèse Roufosse, shot in the head on the evening of July 15, 2018. His lawyers will plead the murder without premeditation.

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