Marseille lawyers launch Aparté mediation

The genesis of Aparté mediation is a beautiful story. We followed a high-level distance training to become a mediator. We did not know each other but there was an alchemy between several people. Of the group of 25, 16 decided to build a structure together “says Bruno Lefebure, president of the Marseille-based association. It includes fifteen lawyers – “from diverse and varied backgrounds. Councils are in the minority – and an academic.

For Nathalie Le Brun, secretary of Aparté mediation, ” this structure has three objectives: to promote this amicable mode of dispute resolution among lawyers, magistrates and the general public; recruit mediators to meet growing demand; receive mediation files from courts, other colleagues, etc. »

The particularity of Aparté mediation: proposing a trio

It is not the only structure dedicated to mediation in Marseille. But with this new group, which has just received its first file from the administrative court, there are now around fifty mediators.

Our particularity is to systematically offer, and for the same price, a duo of mediators to which is added a mediator-observer “, specifies the president of Aparté mediation.

Mediations will develop in the years to come, it is important to train us more and more on this subject. Nothing like concrete cases. This allows us to discuss the cases and the avenues to consider for the mediation to be a success. », explains Nathalie Le Brun.

The opposite of a trial

As a reminder, there are two types of mediation. Conventional mediation – “ lawyers increasingly anticipate it by drafting mediation clauses in contracts – and the judicial one. It is a mandate given by the judge, which consists, after obtaining the agreement of the parties, in appointing a mediator. For Bruno Lefebure, “ mediation is the opposite of a trial. It’s fast, inexpensive, confidential, there are no legal hazards, both parties are at peace once the process is over. »

If in the opinion of all, mediation is set to develop strongly in the coming years, the representatives of Aparté Médiation would like to make it clear: ” It cannot be improvised. There are steps to follow, a method to follow. Otherwise, it’s the insured wall. Mediation is doomed to failure. »

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