Metropolis of Lille. A pasta bar in a Barbie pink food-truck: Camille’s crazy conversion

Aboard her candy pink food-truck, Camille criss-crosses the metropolis of Lille to delight us with her boxes of fresh pasta. (©PastaDoll)

It is a very daring bet, even a little crazy, that has been launched Camilleoriginally from Sainghin-en-Weppes in the metropolis of Lille (North). After a career in luxury, she converted by creating her company restoration : Pasta Doll. Aboard his Barbie pink food truckthe young woman will travel the roads to bring a little comfort thanks to her delicious box of fresh pasta.

A concept that seduces

His tour began Thursday, November 19 in Tourcoing. In her Citroën HY truck, pimped in retro-girly mode, Camille is like a fish in water. With her pink apron created especially for her by a small designer from the North, she served more than 40 boxes of pasta in the space of two hours. Not bad for a first !

For her first service in Tourcoing, Camille served more than 40 boxes of pasta.
For her first service in Tourcoing, Camille served more than 40 boxes of pasta. (©PastaDoll)

However, Camille was a little anxious before her first service. “I didn’t expect to have so many people from the first day. I went into a delirium, and I’m happy to see that my concept appeals to us, “says the bubbly young woman who will soon be celebrating her 30th birthday.

Luxury in the kitchen

Before creating Pasta Doll, Camille was in a completely different world, that of luxury. Representative in optics for the Kering group (Gucci, Saint Laurent, Cartier), she traveled all over France to prospect opticians. A very good professional experience, but with 80-hour weeks during which Camille lives far from home, and from her first child. “I didn’t see him grow up,” she regrets.

Pregnant with her 2nd in 2018, she decided “not to repeat the same mistake”. But during her maternity leave, this electric battery was “bored like never before”. So she starts cooking to occupy her days and falls in love with Philippe Etchebest. “I was interested in the character, I find it true. “The best worker in France gives him the desire to do well and Camille decides to follow his training online.

Having become a real cordon bleu, the young mother specializes in pasta boxes. “Everyone likes it and it has the advantage of being consistent without being too heavy. Over the course of the tastings, her friends and family eventually convinced her to convert to catering. “But it needed something that looked like me. She therefore opts for the food-truck, which allows her to keep a certain freedom. Affectionately nicknamed “Barbie” by those close to her, Camille has redecorated her vintage van in her image: girly, retro and sophisticated.

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Homemade pasta and sauces

The Pasta Doll food-truck therefore does not go unnoticed. And it’s rather a great advantage when you start a new activity. For the moment, Camille is making rounds to introduce her boxes of fresh pasta to the workers during the lunch break. You can come across Pasta Doll in Bailleul on Mondays, in Douvrin (Pas-de-Calais) on Tuesdays, in La Chapelle d’Armentières on Wednesdays, in Tourcoing on Thursdays and in Sainghin-en-Weppes on Friday evenings.

The pasta addict will serve boxes of fresh pasta, penne rigate accompanied by homemade sauces from products made. Bolognese, carbonara, pesto and chicken and arrabiata sauces… There is something for all tastes and diets. It is even possible to request gluten-free or whole wheat pasta.

When the health situation allows it again, Camille would like to devote herself entirely to events and park her food truck in salons (retro, tattoo) or for EVJF, weddings and other private events.

To follow the path of Camille and her food-truck, subscribe to Pasta Doll on Instagram and Facebook. You will find the menu there as well as the locations of the van.

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