Montauban. Meat-free meals on school canteen menus

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At the start of the next school year, Montalban schoolchildren will be able to choose not to eat meat. With two objectives: fight against food waste and discover new products.

At the next school year, in September, there will be something new in the canteens. The municipality will offer all schoolchildren in the city the choice between a menu with or without meat. “It is an approach that is part of our desire to fight against waste while adapting to new modes of food consumption”, we explain at the town hall.

The new meat-free formula will not necessarily be vegetarian because it may contain eggs or fish, for example. Families will have to opt for one or the other menu when registering at the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

“Two menus will therefore be offered to children: a classic menu with meat (with a protein dish consisting of pork, beef, lamb, veal, poultry, egg or fish) and a complete menu without meat (with a vegetable protein dish or consisting of (egg or fish). Starters, side dishes (vegetables and starches) and desserts (dairy, cheese, pastry or fruit) will remain common to both menus”, indicates the town hall of Montauban.

Parents of students approve of the project

Of the 4,200 meals prepared per day at the municipal central kitchen for the city’s school quarantine, “600 children who go to the canteens do not consume meat at all. The new organization will then allow us to fight effectively against waste. food by preparing menus taking full account of the number of registrants. Other measures accompany this objective such as promoting cheese when cutting, weighing to serve the right quantities per dish or reducing the bread offered according to the menus. , underlines the municipality.

Zucchini and chocolate cake, vegetable cutlets, tofu ravioli, hummus-style pasta, with chickpeas, cereal-based pancake, … municipal chefs have until the start of the school year in September to concoct all their new meatless recipes. For this project, the central kitchen intends to put the small dishes in the big ones: “our role is to educate in the taste and the discovery of new dishes while promoting short circuits and products from organic production. Since the 1st January 2022, we prepare the menus with products eligible for the Egalim law, 50% quality and local products, including 30% organic.”

Parents are in favor of the formula chosen by the town of Montauban. “We leave the choice to the families. This is precisely what must be done in this area so as not to put children in difficulty in the canteen in relation to their family practices. We are there in line with a societal evolution that we let’s meet”, explains Béatriz Malleville, president of the FCPE of Tarn-et-Garonne.

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