More expensive raw materials: “In 4 months, we went from 19 to 25 euros for the entrecôte plate”

The note promises to be salty for consumers. Restaurants, hard hit by inflation, are forced to increase their à la carte prices. According to a study by the Union of Hotel Trades and Industries, 25% of restaurants in mainland France have already increased their prices. This is also the case in Reunion. In a restaurant in Sainte-Marie, the rib steak sells for 6 euros more expensive.

Restaurants are being hit hard by rising food prices. Some of them have no choice but to increase the à la carte prices. This is the case of a restaurateur from Sainte-Marie, who spoke with the team. “For 4 months we have been feeling the effects. Raw materials have increased”he explains.

The increase in the price of oil also impacts this restaurateur. “Today, we are in a certain resilience. But it is certain that there is an impact on the price of the dishes. It is certain that we must be reasonable, but everything or almost everything has increased”he tempers.

For the past few months, rib steak has been 25% more expensive for restaurants. Same thing for the oil which costs more because of its rarity on the island. “On a classic entrecôte plate, we lost between 18 and 25% of the margin. In 4 months, we went from 19 euros to 25 euros per plate. We are on a 300 gram entrecôte, with mayonnaise home”he says.

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