Moving reunion of a woman with her dog who had been lost for 3 months, magnificent photos

Our dogs become an essential part of our family, which is why we are so affected when something happens to them. The nightmare of Sol Saluma woman of Bahia Blanca, Argentinabegan on October 8, 2020, when she arrived home and did not find her beloved dog named Congo.

Congo had apparently fled from his home, taking advantage of the fact that masons carrying out work had left the door open. The workers were fixing the front door, and Congo took advantage of a distraction and fled at top speed.

© Sol Salum

A moving reunion between a woman and her dog

Sol told Clarin:

“He runs very fast, so they couldn’t catch him. When I got home, the dog was gone. »

The news devastated Sol, especially since Congo’s birthday was only a few days away, even though At the time she thought she would find him easily. She sets off in search of her best friend, and goes out into the streets of the city, sticking up posters of the Congo in every block of houses.

The research plan was underway; she also shared photos of her dog on different social networks to facilitate her return home. Some people called her in order to give him information, but it was not what Sol was expecting.

© Sol Salum

Sol commented:

“In fact, all of Bahia shared the photo. They called me from everywhere, some helped, others sympathized. »

The woman thought it was only a matter of time, because Congo had a plaque hanging with all her contact details. It also had a QR code that when someone put their mobile phone on it, it showed all of Sol’s details; Congo therefore had on him all the information he needed to return home quickly.

Unfortunately, the days pass and Sol cannot find Congo, and what was supposed to be only a formality turns into three long months. And on January 20 of this yearnearly 102 days after Congo disappeared, Sol received information about a stray dog.

© Sol Salum

Soil has as well received a photo of a very similar dog. It was 10 kilometers away and, according to reports, it had been there for a week.

Sol was already a bit tired from answering calls that weren’t yielding good results, but she decided to head over there to check it out. When she got there, she stopped at the side of the road and crossed the road to a field where the dog was supposed to beBut there was nobody.

Sol was again very disappointed. When suddenly a dog came out of nowhere; it looked like Congo.

© Sol Salum

Sol says:

“I shouted ‘Congo!’. And he turned around immediately… He ran over, peed on me and he bit my face. »

There was no doubt that this was his lost pet, and the reunion was filled with emotion, hugs, kisses, thanks and lots of love.

Sol decided to immortalize this touching moment in a photo and uploaded it to different social networks, which quickly moved all Internet users. After finding Congo, she carried him to her car and they took the road to find their house together.

Sol commented:

“In the car he fell asleep, every once in a while he would wake up scared, but when he saw me he would go back to sleep. It’s been a hundred horrible days, but thankfully it’s over. »

© Sol Salum

Congo is happy to be back home. Also, he no longer intends to run away or go away from home. Whenever he walks, he prefers to stay close to Sol. Sometimes he gets excited about trash bags, but that’s his instinct.

Fortunately, the nightmare of Sol and the Congo is over, but it will always be remembered by those who witnessed the story from the beginning.

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