Mysterious disappearances of cats in Mouscron: A petition is launched

Today, Marylène Muriel, a resident of Mouscron says she is worried and challenged. Many cats have been disappearing for several weeks in the heart of the Cité des Hurlus and more particularly in the Mont-à-Leux district. “I know it’s the heat period, but it’s not normal that sterilized, microchipped, neat, fierce cats who know their surroundings well, slip away like that. My cat Birdy, meanwhile, has , disappeared since April 1. He would never have let himself be caught by a stranger. I’m sure that something serious is happening in the entity”.

As a result, this animal lover has launched a petition so that all the owners of missing cats come together and file a complaint. “I am therefore launching this petition for the municipality to do its job. Indeed, municipal employees who find the corpses of cats are obliged to check that the animal is chipped and notify the owners. Which is not always done and that is not normal There is nothing worse than not knowing what happened to your pet“, continues Marylène.

However, the Mouscron animal welfare unit indicates through its website several ways to proceed if an individual unfortunately encounters deceased cats on his way. “You must first check whether the animal is properly identified“. It is therefore necessary to go to a pet store or to an association for the defense of animals. “Thanks to an electronic chip reader, it will be easy to identify and find the owners (if the animal was properly registered). If this is not the case, the dead animal will have to be taken care of by the communal services. This only concerns animals found on public roads and does not concern animals found on private property”.

To date, the animal welfare unit is not aware of these multiple disappearances but still wishes to point out that this period remains conducive to the mops of these hairballs…

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