New offices for the lawyers of the bar of Cherbourg

Christophe Loison will pass the baton of president to Anne Clerfond, at the head of the council of the order, which meets in this room. (©La Presse de la Manche)

The life of a lawyer takes place in court, but not only. All the black-robed professionals in town are part of the bar of Cherbourgwhich has been organized since July in brand new premises, Notre Dame Street.

In this renovated building, the contours of the lawyers’ action take shape, beyond the pleadings.

A place of training

The bar is framed by a council of the order. The 12 lawyers who compose it sit upstairs, with the President of the Bar, their representative. Christophe Loison has this responsibility until the end of the calendar year. It will then be replaced by Anne Clerfond, elected for two years. “We meet here once a month,” reports the current president, pointing to the meeting room.

The council of the order examines the files of candidates for the bar, implements the reforms of justice, or organizes the penal permanences. Also, it supports training.

A lawyer has an obligation to be trained 20 hours per year.

Christophe LoisonLawyer

Before, they took place in a town hall hall, for lack of space in the old premises. From now on, the training sessions will take place in the room on the ground floor. “Before we hesitated to do them, the lawyers went to Rennes, notes Caroline Bot, former president of the bar. Now we can accommodate the whole bar. »

An intervention on domestic violence is scheduled for November.

Possibility of finding a lawyer on site

When they want, lawyers can come to the premises of the bar. They are also accessible to citizens seeking a representative. “I give them a list of lawyers likely to help them,” explains Sylvie Lenormand, at reception and employed full-time by the order.

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In the new building, the lawyers who sometimes plead against each other have to meet regularly. “We know how to make allowances,” assures Thibault Gamblin.

We all know each other so relations are less strained than elsewhere.

Stephane Bataille

Opposed to the court, Cherbourg lawyers can meet over a coffee. On the other hand, it is out of the question to talk about the files of each one. “It’s professional secrecy”, emphasizes Christophe Loison. To avoid a mailing, they can on the other hand exchange business correspondencein the new setting of the Cherbourg bar, brand new.

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