Nice, the first city in France for canine well-being: the four reasons for this success

For the second consecutive year, Nice has won the gold bowl in terms of canine well-being. Indeed, the magazine 30 millions d’amis has just placed the 5th city of France at the top of the podium of cities, where it is good to live with your dog.

To establish its ranking, the review evaluates several criteria, including accessibility to green spaces, public transport, etc., cleanliness (dispensers of waste bags), information, education, political commitment … And so, Nice does everything just right on most of the areas scrutinized by the inspectors, who come unexpectedly, question the citizens… before reporting to the manager, Katia… Renard!

So, if in Nice, we sometimes see foxes or wild boars scampering around, it should be noted that animal welfare is plural and that it does not only concern dogs, obviously the majority in the Baie des Anges. Indeed, there are other animals for which Henry-Jean Servat, municipal councilor responsible for animal protection and his team, are moving. Implementing original and all kinds of measures. We have selected four…

1. Dogs definitely welcome on the tram

The experiment was tried this summer. From July 1, the dogs were able to board the tram with their masters, except those in category 1 and 2. The test proved positive. Travelers and doggies lived together on good terms.

“Not a single incident. So the experience is sustained, announces Henry-Jean Servat. All dogs, regardless of their size and always with the exception of category 1 and 2 dogs, can continue to use the tram provided they are kept on a leash and muzzled.

And on the buses? “In urban buses, it is being discussed with the unions. Only guide dogs for the blind and small dogs, kept on their arms or in a suitable basket, can board the buses.”

2.Three beaches for crawling

Last summer, the dogs obtained a second beach specially dedicated to their desires to frolic on the pebbles or splash around in the water. In Lenval. More than 300 meters of space just for them. Already in 2008, they had access to water via Lanterne beach, between the Carras nautical base and the Haliotis resort. A third beach is currently being validated. Probably west of Nice this time.

3. Animals can also come to work

The elected animal wanted it. He has succeeded: since this summer, city hall employees can come to work with their companions. Whether it’s dogs, cats, birds… This sharing of professional spaces aims for the de-stressing conviviality of each other.

Obviously, the presence of hair or feathers is subject to the agreement of colleagues and the absence of allergy. On the other hand, and it is a law that says so, citizens cannot come to town hall or to any public community with their animal. “Howeversoftens Henry-Jean Servat, an elected official has the right to receive, in his office, a human and his dog…”

4. A triumphal and loving march to live it together

She was in awe of this first triumphal and amorous march organized on February 27, the last day of the King of Animals carnival, on the seafront, between Rauba-Capeù and Le Negresco. The goal? “Celebrating animals on the most beautiful avenue in the world. We have an animal and we are proud of it…”

That day, at the call of Henry-Jean Servat, 350 dogs showed up, imitated by the Malinois of the Nice police dog brigade, the horses of the equestrian brigade, llamas, a cat… They will no doubt return since many people in Nice are calling for a spring march and an identical one in the fall. They are desperate…

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