Nobody cares but, Belgium has a new Mister Puppy

Another sunny Saturday afternoon, this time in a café in Brussels – a fairly ordinary place. But today is different. Guys wearing dog masks have taken over the establishment. Leather men hang around too. And sneaker fetishists and a few bears hang around. It’s the election of Mister Puppy Belgium 2022.

“I’m an introvert,” Alvus Puppenroll tells me. Wearing a mask and being a puppy gave me a lot of confidence. It’s his very first puppy meeting and he’s competing against experienced puppies like defending champion Speculoos. Being a puppy doesn’t have to be sexual. We will say that it is rather like a role-playing game. It’s about playing a playful, puppyish character. Being a puppy is ultimately about freedom.

After the contest, it’s time to vote. The excitement is palpable. And it is finally Pup Aston who wins the precious puppy mask in the colors of Belgium after having performed on a sincere ride. Alvus Puppenroll gets a respectable second place, with his punk rock performance played on his electric guitar. At the end of the evening, only one question remains unanswered: Who let the dogs out?

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