Nordahl Lelandais, “a pest of innocence”, according to the Advocate General

This is the maximum sentence that was requested against Nordahl Lelandais. The former dog handler is accused of the murder and kidnapping of little Maëlys. He faces life imprisonment, accompanied by a 22-year security sentence. Hearing these requisitions, sitting in his box, he acknowledges the blow.

“You are a destroyer of happiness”

Hearing the words of the Advocate General, saying that the accused is “extremely dangerous” and deserves a heavy sentence. “You have sown eternal suffering, you are a destroyer of happiness, a pest of innocence, the slaughterer of a child,” he said.

The sentence requested is up to expectations, explains Fabien Rajon, the lawyer for Maëlys’ mother. “The Attorney General, with his own tone, without excess in form or substance, demanded the just sentence, the sentence that my clients, those close to Maëlys were waiting for and I also think the sentence that were waiting for the French.

The lawyers of Nordahl Lelandais, in turn, pleaded. They took down their client’s monster image. He is “a man who looks like us, ordinary, who is not a serial killer”, they said.

According to his lawyers, the accused made progress during the trial. “He has started to understand and yes the work in prison will be long but possible if he is not sentenced to life,” they continued. “30 years is what he deserves, every man must keep hope because the essence of justice is to remain human,” concluded one of his lawyers.

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