Agen: chef Eric Mariottat turns the stove back on

A few months after hanging up his apron, chef Eric Mariottat is back in business. A bit to everyone’s surprise. Accompanied by his wife Christiane, he will reopen a table d’hôtes from mid-June. A little over six months after hanging up the apron, Eric Marriotat, accompanied by his wife Christiane, is preparing to sign his … Read more

lawyer Charles Consigny will be LR candidate in Yvelines

LE FIGARO INFO – The one who got involved in politics during Valérie Pécresse’s campaign will be a candidate in the 4and constituency of Yvelines. It will be one of the headliners of the Republicans for these legislative elections. The lawyer Charles Consigny has just been invested as an LR candidate in the 4and constituency … Read more

Erwan Le Morhedec, the lawyer who dreams of another end of life

PORTRAIT – Known thanks to his blog and social networks, under the name of Koztoujours, this lawyer passionate about social debates publishes a documented plea against the legalization of euthanasia. He is one of the voices of Catholics in France. With his black jacket, corduroy trousers and trimmed beard, he looks like the ideal son-in-law. … Read more

Stanislas Eskenazi, the lawyer who has long frequented the Molenbeek district

5:45 a.m., January 17, 2022 Last weekend, the Belgian lawyer Stanislas Eskenazi and his two compatriots who, like him, are representing the accused in the trial of November 13, visited Molenbeek with several French defense lawyers. They wanted to “better understand” what the debates were going to focus on when the hearing resumed. Since this … Read more

lose up to 5 pounds a week with water

How much water should you drink a day to lose weight? Is it possible ? We’ve all heard that water helps with weight loss. But how much water do you need if you want to lose belly fat? Most diets have one condition – you have to consume plenty of water Logically, water, which represents … Read more

An Amazon delivery man intervenes when he sees the car in front of him throwing a cat out of the window

© KCCI / YouTube A motorist has been guilty of an act of great cruelty, having thrown a cat out of his car window. Fortunately, the animal survived and was rescued by an Amazon delivery man who witnessed the scene. We are now looking for a new loving home for the feline. A cat thrown … Read more