Pasta prices – Pasta victim of the climate – News

Will the price of spaghetti increase in the coming weeks? To hear the manufacturers of pasta, it is probable: the harvests of durum wheat suffered from climatic accidents, making jump the courses. Spring 2020, first confinement: consumers rushed on survival purchases, robbing the pasta and flour departments. Despite occasional stock shortages, the supply chain had … Read more

Anything: a passenger and a cat escape (video)

An angry passenger walked out of her plane with the emergency slide during repelling, while an irascible cat at bitten and scratched several passengers in flight. Airline Flight AA3933 American Airlines was preparing last Tuesday to take off from Buffalo Niagara towards the airport Chicago O’Hare when an incident occurred: a 24-year-old passenger began to … Read more

Revue du Barreau: showtime with Lyon lawyers

Under the leadership of Mes Anne Bolland-Blanchard and Pierre-Jean Ferry, the Revue du Barreau returns to the stage three years after its last show. A change of scenery this year since the three performances scheduled from July 6 to 8 will take place in Salle 3000 at the Cité Internationale in Lyon. The previous edition … Read more

complete and quick recipes for dinner

Want a quick and hassle-free meal? The one pot pasta is the solution to concoct a complete and tasty dish. No more dishes that accumulate and lengthy preparations, you will love cooking these recipes. The one pot, quesaco? As its name suggests, the one pot consists of cook a complete dish in a single container. … Read more

Crisps, margarine, sauces… Manufacturers authorized to replace sunflower oil

PFor a maximum of six months, manufacturers of margarine, crisps, sauces, biscuits or casseroles are authorized to replace sunflower oil in their recipes without changing their packaging, due to supply difficulties due to the war in Ukraine . The industrialists who will make this request for exemption will be able to use, for example, rapeseed … Read more

Israeli lawyer Moshe Strugano charged in US with insider trading

An Israeli lawyer specializing in the creation of companies offshore was charged in the United States with alleged insider trading. Moshe Strugano, 52, was charged on Wednesday with securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud in connection with the 2018 acquisition by Ormat Technologies Inc, an Israeli renewable energy company, of US Geothermal, Inc. … Read more

Recipe of the week: pasta alla Gricia

Pasta alla gricia is one of the most famous dishes of Lazio cuisine, considered the ancestor of pasta all’amatriciana. In common with the amatriciana recipe, in fact, there is the use of bacon and Pecorino Romano cheese. The main difference, however, is the tomato sauce, absent in pasta alla gricia because its origin is thought … Read more