Paris celebrates the 1st edition of World Pasta Day

Every year, for 21 years, on October 25, Italy celebrates pasta in the world, the day of World Pasta Day. On the occasion of this World Pasta Day 2019, Paris organized its first edition, Italian pasta makers celebrated the uniqueness of pasta and the Italian lifestyle during the “Al Dente” festival. He gathered the best chefs Italian and international. For 7 days, from October 18 to 25, 2019.

In 2019, the organizers, Unione Italiana Food (formerly Aidepi) and IPO – International Pasta Organization – have chosen as the theme for this special day: #pasta2050 : the future of pulp by 2050.

How will we eat it? How will we make it? With what ingredients? How can it positively affect our health? How can it participate in the defense of our planet? And above all what place will it have in the pleasure of the table with the Italian art of living as a backdrop? So many questions and queries that will animate conversations in Italian restaurants and feed comments and reactions on social networks.

Six Parisian Chefs

This year, ICE-Italian Agency for Foreign Tradein partnership with the Unione Italiana Food has decided to vpromote this festival in France with partner chefs, who will offer a special recipe “World Pasta Day” corresponding to their vision of pasta in thirty years

In Paris, six Italian chefs**, from Michelin stars to “street food” will take part in the event.

Pasta lovers, curious gourmands and anyone interested in the future of this universal delicacy have been invited to participate by booking a table with one of the six chefs selected to taste the recipe. #pasta2050 !

In restaurants, the six special recipes “World Pasta Day” were highlighted on small easels placed on the tables to attract the attention of consumers and recipe booklets were offered to customers on this occasion.

**Armani Ristorante, Massimo Tringali – Spaghetti with red prawns from Mazara.

Ida, Denny Imbroisi – Rigatoni with vegetables

Mimi Cave to eat, Giulia Guarino – Ravioli di pasta e patate.

Eataly Paris Marais, Fabrizio Cosso – Mezzi paccheri with carbonara

Solina Pasta, Fabio and Ricardo – Caserecce all’amatriciana

Mori Venice Bar, Silvano Sollai – Tufoli artisan “cacio e pepe” style with spider crab meat

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