Philippe Lemaire’s lawyer at the Assizes of Luxembourg: “I have the intimate conviction that Mr. Lemaire murdered Mrs. Roufosse”

Philippe Lemaire’s defense lawyer announced on Thursday that he would not plead on the question of premeditation or guilt.

“I have the intimate conviction that Mr. Lemaire murdered Ms. Roufosse. I will therefore not plead on the question of premeditation. I have the feeling of betraying my client by saying this, but I cannot plead against my intimate conviction”, declared Me Dimitri De Coster.

On Monday, the defense lawyers had been appointed ex officio to represent their client after announcing that they were filing their mandate due to a disagreement with the accused.

Philippe Lemaire is prosecuted for the premeditated murder of Marie-Thérèse Roufosse, shot in the head on July 15, 2018 in Bastogne.

The jury of the assize court withdrew Thursday afternoon to discuss the guilt of Philippe Lemaire. A deliberation whose outcome leaves little doubt insofar as lawyers for the civil parties, the public prosecutor, but also defense lawyers agree that the accused did indeed premeditate his action.

The Advocate General and the lawyers for the civil parties invoked the multiple threats made by the accused against the victim, the existence of a hideout in the woods or even Philippe Lemaire’s intention to abandon his GSM on site to avoid any form of tracing. They still rely on the psychiatric report evoking the lack of remorse on the part of the accused, and underline the high risk of recidivism.

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