Pizzas Buitoni: Nestlé apologizes for offering vouchers to families of victims

Has Buitoni contacted the parents of children who have been affected by the E.Coli bacteria in recent weeks? This is according to one of their lawyers, two days after it was learned that around fifty parents were filing a complaint against the pizza maker. Many have kidney failure linked to E. Coli contamination, and despite the scandal, Buitoni would have offered certain families vouchers for “compensation” for the “inconvenience suffered”, believes to know The voice of the North.

Our colleagues have been contacted by Me Richard Legrand who defends around twenty families whose children have been infected with the bacteria, but whose links have not yet been officially established with the consumption of the brand’s Fraîch’Up pizzas. Denouncing the “silence” so far of Buitoni, the lawyer explains that the families he defends have been contacted the “last three to four days”. “It’s a joke,” he berates.

“It shouldn’t have been done”

Contacted by BFM Business, Nestlé apologized: “This should not have been done. We would like to offer our most sincere apologies to this consumer who may have been offended by the receipt of these vouchers.” A Nestlé spokesperson also said “to ensure that this does not happen again”. At the same time, the company says that it followed the procedure and called it back to “understand the situation”: “For the smooth running of the exchanges, specific questions, not covered by medical secrecy, are asked to understand what is ‘happened”.

“It shocked me, it’s scandalous”

Me Richard Legrand had deplored an “insulting lack of consideration” for the families and doubted the intentions of Buitoni who, according to him, would seek “to obtain confidential and personal information”. A mother, whose daughter was hospitalized for pyelonephritis following the E.Coli infection, said she had been contacted by a person claiming to be from Buitoni to whom she confided because she had “the head somewhere else”. She was then offered to have “access to her daughter’s medical file” but she refused. “The next day, I received a letter offering me a voucher to apologize for the inconvenience. It shocked me, it’s scandalous”, she says in The voice of the North.

In the mail consulted by our colleagues, he was offered 20 euros. Believing that this is “the biggest scandal of the last twenty years”, the lawyer recalls that “compensation or financial compensation will never be able to compensate for the pain of the families”. If, today, the investigation is still in progress, Capital relayed at the beginning of April that a test dated March 17 carried out in the factory would have confirmed the presence of the E. Coli bacterium, contrary to what said Nestlé. On April 13, the headquarters of Nestlé and the Caudry factory were also searched.

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