Pride, small plates to share without prejudice and well-hidden gastronomy

By Manon C. Photos by Manon C. Posted on April 26, 2022 at 10:20 a.m.

On the one hand, a bistro with small sharing plates, on the other hand, a bistronomic table facing the stoves; Orgueil is a multiple restaurant that the young chef Eloi Spinnler runs with a masterful hand.

With its quirky decor combining asian keys – golden velvet benches, lion heads as sconces – and its ceiling painted with spooky patternsPride surprises as soon as you enter the premises.

Once discovered, the kitchen, too, is surprising, it indeed overlooks a little secret roomhidden from everyone’s eyes by a one-way window like a speakeasy but open to the stoves, and where you can savor, in small groups, a gastronomic cooking in six stages led by a master’s hand Eloi Spinneryoung 27 year old chef worked in the kitchens of the Tour d’Argent and the Plaza Athénée.


On the bistro side, the menu is quite different and revolves around small plates to share between guests. Here the reasoned and committed cuisine is queen, and the beautiful products used from head to toe, from small producers, are its humble servants. The cheeses come from the Frescolet cheese dairy, the seafood comes from responsible fishing in the North of France, the fruits and vegetables come from Seine et Marne.

The map presents itself in an original way, in the form of tarot cards colorful and esoteric, and the draw of these announces the color of the meal to come. And the latter was as enchanting as it was original. Starting with these duck croquetas very naughty (11€) to dip in cream cheese, these generous lobster ravioli, assorted snow peas and lemongrass (€18), or even this Breton octopus (16€) served very melting and lacquered teriyaki style.


Big crush also for the white asparagusclementine and parmesan (14€), the smoked potato (8€) very regressive and its marinated egg yolk, and especially the half-pithiviers of pigeon (18€) which honors the French gastronomy. We then put on a few thin slices of Serrano ham from Maison Aïtana (€9) before moving on to desserts, still in the form of small sharing plates.


And these are frankly successful, like this chocolate french toast and labneh ice cream (8€), and especially this miso tatin tart (8€), perfectly caramelized, and a great end to our discovery of Orgueil. Keep the nameEloi Spinner in mind, you’re not done hearing about it, that’s for sure.

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