Prince Ernst August of Hanover again in court… against his former lawyer

Prince Ernst August of Hanover continues to appear in court, whether plaintiff or accused. This Tuesday, the head of the royal family of Hanover found himself facing his former lawyer. The latter accuses him of an unpaid bill of fees… amounting to 74,000 euros.

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The husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco fights against his former lawyer

After his clashes with the police, which earned him a prison sentence and after his umpteenth action against his eldest son, Prince Ernst August of Hanover once again found himself in court. This Tuesday, April 25, he went in person to the Salzburg Regional Court to defend his case, not being afraid to confront his former lawyer.

Prince Ernst August, 68, lives more and more often in Madrid, with his new companion, preventing him from going to court in Austria or Germany, as was still the case a few weeks ago when he was trying to settle a dispute with his eldest son, concerning the management of the family castles. The Duke of Brunswick was however well at the hearing this Tuesday, in Salzburg, as reported by the local newspaper Krone Zeitung.

Prince Ernst August of Hanover is now fighting against his former lawyer. Pictured here leaving court, in a previous case, in March 2021 (Photo: Splash News/ABACAPRESS.COM)

During the hearing, the aggrieved lawyer said he had a bill for fees which amounted to 74,000 euros and which remained unpaid. This would cover services of legal aid and advice which were carried out between 2016 and 2021. The former lawyer for the husband of Princess Caroline of Hanover declared before the court that this sum was a lump sum on which the two parties had agreed before a notary. If the services had been the subject of an individual invoice, the amount would be “certainly twice as high”argued the lawyer, as reported by the local press.

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Prince Ernst August leaves the audience after losing his temper

According to Krone Zeitung, the atmosphere was particularly electric in the courtroom. Prince Ernst August got a little carried away and his new lawyers intervened to calm him down and “avoid heckling”. The relationship between the prince and his former lawyer was very good, almost friendly, which brings a lot of affect into this case. The prince even left the court, after a few minutes of explanations. His new lawyers explained that it was useless for him to stay, because anyway, the content of the 26-page trial was not within his reach. Also, their client would have left because he found that debating on “issues of cost is boring and that it is unworthy of one’s social rank”.

Concretely, the new lawyers let it be known that their client considered that these fees for advisory services were too high, the prince having already paid around one million euros in fees to his former lawyer. In addition, the former lawyer must also clarify before the court what he considers to have actually achieved in terms of services. He has 86 files to sift through to list his additional advisory services. The judge recalled that if the case went to court, it is also because an expert would have asked to clarify the services rendered by the lawyer. The judge concluded the hearing by asking the two parties to agree on an amicable settlement.

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