Product recall: do not consume this honey sold in supermarkets

Honey is known to be a very pure and natural product. Its composition makes it an imperishable food. Indeed, because of its very low water content and its acidity, bacteria cannot develop in honey. Unless it has been modified by adding sugar (which is a fraud within the European Union), honey is indeed a raw product with recognized qualities. In fact, it is in principle very rare to have any food problem resulting from honey. It’s even better if you buy it directly from the producer. However, the Rappel Conso site recently reported the recall of two honey references. Both products are sold in supermarkets. This is not a health risk. The recall is made on the basis of a visual and taste alteration of the product.

The honey concerned does not present any health hazard

The recalled honey has organoleptic changes. If the term sounds impressive, it only means that the product will look, feel or even taste different from what is expected. As French regulations are nevertheless very strict, a product that does not comply with its specifications must be recalled. The honey concerned here is marketed in jars by the BESACIER brand. The first is an Organic Orange Tree Honey, 500g. The batch is 02/11/2023 L2B and its expiry date is 02/11/2023. The second is Orange Blossom Honey in a 500g jar. Two batches are recalled: 10/01/2024 L3D and 7/07/2023 L3D with respective consumption deadlines of 10/01/2024 and 07/07/2023. This honey is recalled without a prefectural decree and on a voluntary approach by the manufacturer.

This honey should therefore not be consumed. However, if you have already eaten it, you will not be in any danger. We are a long way from the scandals of Buitoni pizzas or Kinder chocolates. However, if you wish to be reimbursed, you must return the honey to the store as soon as possible. The references concerned are sold throughout France. The Leclerc, Auchan, Intermarché and Carrefours Market brands are concerned. All the information is, as always, listed in detail on the Rappel site, which lists all the products subject to the recall. You can also contact consumer service on 04 77 67 17 33 (non-surcharged call) for further assistance.

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