Saint-Leu-la-Foret. Macabre discovery: the head of a cat found in the enclosure of a school

Illustrative image. The cat’s head, found at the Marie-Curie school, was… thrown in the trash. ©Adobe stock

Macabre discovery, Monday, April 4, within the walls of theMarie-Curie primary school, in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt (95) : a cat’s head found, on the ground, on the way between the canteen and the playground.

Delphine, mother of three school children in this group, says that it was a student who discovered this head. The little girl would have told her mother in tears.

“A barbaric act”

Delphine denounces “a barbaric act”, and wonders under what circumstances such an act could have occurred.

A cat, she claims, had been wandering around the school for several days. He was even fed, she said. “A black cat, adult, a little wobbly. It’s really horrible for the children who have seen it. It is a disgusting act”.

A report has been made on the application Tell my city set up by the City of Saint-Leu.

Delphine wonders if the head has been sent for analysis and if an investigation is being carried out. “As an animal owner and sensitive to the animal cause, I am horrified”, continues this volunteer at theParisis free cat school, based in Montigny-lès-Cormeilles (95).

On the side of the town hall, it is confirmed that a cat’s head was indeed found by the school staff, that it was not kept but… thrown in the trash (sic). The gesture shocks the school of the free cat. This head may have come from an animal that its owner is still looking for. Any investigation is now impossible.

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Contacted by telephone on Thursday, the school could not be reached.

The animal’s body has not been found.

“We learned (the discovery of this head) several days later, we explain at the town hall. The head (thrown in the trash) was not found, nor the rest of the body. It’s hard to know what happened. We are not trivializing, but it does not seem that it was experienced as a drama within the school even if it could have created a stir among some ”.

“We have to be careful”

“It’s a strange story, you have to be careful,” says Evelyne Casimir-Millan, President of the Parisis Free Cat School, contacted by Delphine.

The head of this association, which picks up stray cats to care for them, sterilize them, vaccinate them and then either keep them and possibly place them up for adoption, or put them back on the street as “free cats”, had to hard to imagine how anyone could do that to a living cat, able to defend itself. The act of an animal cannot be excluded according to her.

Was the cat already dead when its head was cut off? Having neither the time nor the means to investigate, Évelyne Casimir-Millan sent the file to the national confederation for the defense of animalsI. No complaints have been filed.

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