Several police officers including a dog were injured in several attacks. The dog was violently beaten

Between Thursday and last Saturday, the police in Limoges were heavily attacked. In total, three crews, two from the national police and one from the municipal police, were attacked during several interventions during which three officers and a dog were injured. Each time, complaints were filed.

As the newspaper France Bleu explains, as of this Monday afternoon, a 26-year-old man was sentenced for one of these cases to one year in prison, including six months, in immediate appearance before the Limoges court. . He was tried for violence, threats, insults and rebellion against three municipal police officers, after having refused to submit to a check Thursday in the city center, following a fight.

The young man bit one of the officers during his arrest, causing him a finger injury, despite the glove he was wearing. The man was heavily alcoholic at the time of the incident and was carrying 15 grams of cannabis resin. He was also the subject of four search sheets for prison sentences he had not served.

Then on Saturday April 30, in the sensitive district of Beaubreuil, two police officers from the BAC present themselves in a hall of a building which they suspect of harboring drug trafficking. One of the individuals on the spot tries to flee and hits an agent who falls and injures his shoulder. In his fall, however, the agent manages to retain the young man by clinging to the bag. Another police officer was injured in the finger during the arrest. They benefit from two and three days of ITT.

The individual’s bag contained 226 grams of cannabis resin, 129 grams of herbal cannabis, five tablets of ecstasy, as well as cash. The bags of drugs were even labeled with their prices. He will have to appear in court on July 11 as part of a “plead-guilty” procedure against France Bleu.

Finally, on the night of Friday to Saturday, a dog from the canine squad was injured. The facts occurred in the Limoges station area where a 22-year-old individual began to insult the police who control him.

The latter then violently hit the animal, which reinforced the escort, with kicks, fists and knees, causing injuries to his eyelid and shoulder.

Placed in police custody, the individual will also be tried on July 11 during a “plea-guilty” procedure.

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