Shiba watchdog of the metaverse? Blacklisted users

A Window of Retaliation – The Shiba Inu developers had announced on February 8, 2022, the upcoming auction of Shiba Lands, the project’s metaverse virtual land parcels. According to data from Watcher Guru, Shiba Inu had earned around $20 million in ether (ETH), during phases 1 and 2 of the land sale. This commercial success, however, was blackened by a hateful person.

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Metavers SHIB: no to racism, hatred, and various forms of intolerance

The Shiba Inu developers announced on April 19, 2022, blacklisting a wallet address of a user. Indeed, this one would have drawn a swastika in the SHIB metaverse.

The Shiba Inu team subsequently issued a directive on April 20, 2022, which outlines that the project:

“(will) not tolerate the use of hate speech, signs of intolerance or bigotry (through words, actions, symbolism, etc.). »

The project will also crack down on “accounts or individuals” who want to harm others.

Publication of the SHIB metaverse – Source: Twitter

Blacklisted sanctioned accounts will not be able to participate in metaverse activities. 36,000 of the 100,000 virtual SHIB lots have been put up for sale since April 12, during Phase 1 auctions. Land costs between 0.2 and 1.0 ETH. Purchases are open to holders of LEASH tokens and NFT Shiboshi.

The color of land purchased in the Metaverse changes from gray to black on the map. The blacklisted user tried to buy the lands, whose spatial arrangement forms a swastika in black. Members of the Shiba Inu Discord community raised the alarm on April 15. They then bid on other land around this Nazi symbol, until the latter rather has the shape of a window.

This event reminds us of the need for appropriate regulation in metaverses. Although freedom of expression must be respected there, users of the metaverse must not, however, transgress the laws in force in the physical world, offend the sensitivities of others, or harm them. The cryptosphere must remember that racism has no place in the community.

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