Shinjuku, the nugget Japanese address in the heart of Pigalle

Certainly, rue Condorcet is full of good addresses. Mamiche, Babka Zana, and now Shinjuku, an authentic restaurant in which Japanese home cooking is in the spotlight. Here, there are no set menus, no cheese skewers or coleslaw, but a changing menu exploring the best traditional dishes from the Japanese archipelago. Come with us to discover this former Parisian bistro rehabilitated as a tribute to the culture of the land of the rising sun.

The best of Japanese home cooking in the heart of Paris


After passing the doors of the large shop with its red front, at the intersection of rue Bochart de Saron and rue Condorcet, we are immersed in an atmosphere quite out of the ordinary. “Sex Money Power” neon lights taken from a film and offered by Gaspar Noé, rare posters glued from the walls to the ceiling and cherry blossoms, it’s a real festival of colors that is offered to our eyes as soon as we arrive. A sensory experience in every respect, a dinner in Shinjuku will transport you directly to the eponymous district, as if seated at the counter of a real izakaya. Special mention to the toilets, lined with erotic posters… After all, we are in Pigalle!

The decor being planted, all that remains is to let yourself be transported according to the recipes and flavors. Once our order slipped into the ear of the waiters in kimono, it will be a question of waiting with a fresh Kirin while carefully observing the dozens and dozens of Japanese film posters adorning the walls. Now comes the time to taste, and to kick off this adventure on Japanese soil, we treat ourselves to delicious takoyaki (octopus fritters), grilled aubergine with miso or delicious steamed gyozas. Then the party continues with a tonkatsu crispy (breaded pork loin), chicken karaage or sumptuous sake mussels. And to end this sweet meal with a note of sweetness, you can opt for a taiyakismall fish-shaped waffle filled with red bean paste. Itadakimasu!

Thus ends our culinary tribulations in Shinjuku and only one regret crosses our minds: that of not having come sooner!

Shinjuku – 52 rue Concorcet, 75009

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