Soon the end of food waste thanks to this revolutionary tool?

The figures quoted by the Ministry of Agriculture are chilling. It is estimated that 14% of the food produced in the world is lost between harvest and marketing. In all, nearly 17% of total food production is wasted. This phenomenon notably causes largely avoidable greenhouse gas emissions.

And precisely, a new technology is able to respond in part to this challenge. The American start-up Strella Biotechnology has thus developed a device which makes it possible to ensure that the ripest fruits are put on the shelves in stores.

A technology that allows a very large reduction in food waste

As reported Axios, the sensors developed by this company, monitor ethylene, a gas produced by fruits and vegetables. Once the sorting is done, the chances of seeing the risk of waste are considerably reduced (around 50% Editor’s note) and customers will be able to consume them just in time.

In detail, this tool has already won over half of American pear and apple packaging companies. The startup now intends to expand to another widely consumed fruit: the avocado.

Quoted by our colleagues, Katherine Sizov, the president of Strella Biotechnology, specifies on this subject: “ Avocados are either way too hard or way too soft. You often end up spending two bucks on an entire bag, and then half of it spoils before you even put it away. “.

And far from stopping in such a good way, the company now wants to perfect its system for products such as mangoes or kiwis. The idea is to gradually gain the trust of farmers in order to change the system over time, and fight even more effectively against food waste.

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