Strasbourg. Student finds stained Kinder Bueno in vending machine, Ferrero responds

A student found a Kinder Bueno with stains, Monday April 25, 2022, at the Robert Schuman campus in Illkirch. (©O.Druenne)

On Monday April 25, a student shared photos of Kinder Bueno stained whitewhich she had just taken from a distributor at the IUT Robert Schuman, located in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, in the metropolis of Strasbourg.

“I had the bad surprise this afternoon when I bought a Kinder Bueno. Maybe it’s nothing, but when in doubt be careful. I warned the school, ”she wrote in her message. This student was worried because, since the beginning of April 2022, Kinder has recalled several chocolates of its brand for suspicions of salmonella.

Kinder Bueno not affected by recalls, says Ferrero

Contacted by Strasbourg News, the IUT Robert Schuman specifies that the situation has been reported to the service provider dealing with distributors and that a request for reimbursement has been made. The university argues that “the appearance of the confectionery is due to a temperature variation and no further cases have been reported.

Moreover, Ferrero (Kinder’s parent company) indicates that Kinder Bueno are not among the recalled chocolates and that they can be consumed safely.

Fears about other Kinder products

On social networks, other users had pointed to white traces in the Nutella or some small suspicious bubbles in chocolate. Kinder had explained that it was a “modification of the consistency of the product, due to the storage conditions” and that these did not alter the quality of the chocolate.

This is “granini”, a phenomenon that corresponds to small oil balls which are formed as a result of temperature variations.

To find out if a chocolate is affected by the recall of Kinder products, consumers can contact Ferrero by email at [email protected] or by phone at 08 00 65 36 53 (free call).

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