Stray cat with deformity wins social media fans and family

Jinx, a polydactyl cat recently taken in by an association, was looking for a loving family. He didn’t have to wait long, as his social media posting by the shelter sparked the interest of many families.

Adopted in record time. A few hours after being the subject of a post Facebook tinged with humour, a cat that has just been welcomed into a shelter has found its new family for life. A story as we would like to know every day, reported by People.

The Kansas Humane Societyan association based in Wichita in the State of Kansas, had recently had Jinx as a new resident. This stray cat with a black coat came into the world with a physical peculiarity, namely polydactyly. In other words, this feline has more fingers than its “normal” congeners, who have 5 on each of their front paws and 4 on their back paws.

A feature that does not cause him any discomfort or pain. Quite the contrary, since it has even earned him great success on social networks.

It’s not extra fingers Jinx has, it’s extra paws, and he plans to use them to take over the world! », joked the Kansas Humane Society in his presentation of the chat on his page Facebook.

The association, which wanted to point out that ” although polydactyl cats have this genetic defect, it does not cause them pain or health problems. They just have extra fingers “.

Adopted the next day

Everything went very quickly from this publication. It was posted on Wednesday, March 2, and Jinx was adopted the next day by Rebel O’Connora resident of Wichita.

It was she who announced it by commenting on a post instagram of the refuge: I adopted this curious little guy! It fits perfectly in our house! “. The new life of Jinx start in the best way…

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Illustration of the article: A stray cat with a deformity gains social media fans and a family
Kansas Humane Society/Instagram

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