Surrounded by three cats, a bird decides to freeze so as not to be attacked! It’s called having a mind of steel…(video)

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published by Lauryn Bikile on 22 Apr 2022 at 11:27

It is well known, nature is cruel and animals do not give each other any gifts. And this video only confirms the rule<; In effect, three cats took a dislike to a poor birdwho tries somehow to get out of it completely frozen. But will he succeed in escaping from this trap? Check out the answer in the video below.

On the ground of a courtyard, a bird is on the verge of being eaten by 3 cats

In this video, a poor little bird placed on the floor of a courtyard, is unfortunately surrounded by two big gray cats at the beginning. These latter revolve around him and begin to sniff it and observe it carefully. Beforea third cat come and do the same.

Once the cats are together, the three of them will begin to contemplate the bird with more and more appetite. And when the cats will give him a little more space, the bird will take the opportunity to seize his chance. He takes off and manages to escape!

Knowing thata domestic cat kills about nine birds a year and that the cats would have even contributed to the extinction of 33 species of birds in the worldwe can clearly say that it is a miracle.

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