what diet when quitting smoking?

You have decided to quit smoking but like many smokers, the fear of relapsing overwhelms you. Did you know that your diet can play a role in minimizing the effects of quitting smokingespecially on the weight? According to Passeport Santé, a diet should be adopted immediately after quitting smoking. This must be high in fiber, … Read more

These excesses of selection that threaten the health of English bulldogs

Buyers are looking for more and more extreme, but less and less viable body types. Omnipresent on social networks, the English bulldog is one of those dog breeds that have become “trendy”. But behind the photos and videos of influencers, there is real suffering for some of these dogs. British veterinarians warn, in the magazine … Read more

Raw milk cheeses, bacteria at work

AFP, published on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 10:14 a.m. Prized in France for their unique flavor, banned in other countries, raw milk cheeses are regularly talked about again during food poisoning. Between health concerns and gastronomic interest, it is the action of thousands of bacteria, “good” or “bad”, which illustrates its complexity. “The richness … Read more

The English bulldog suffers from the mouth making its success

AFP, published on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 04:05 With its flattened face and short-legged profile, the English bulldog is a darling of purebred dog fans, but the cause of this success comes at the cost of an increased risk of health risks, according to British scientists. If the rooster is Gallic, the bulldog is … Read more

10 tips to lose weight before summer

The sunny days are back, as well as lighter clothes that let our bodies appear, and of course swimsuits. Although this summer period is awaited by many, it can represent a stress for the people who do not feel good in their body because of a few kilos which they consider too much. There are … Read more

A “healthy” homemade Coke? The false good idea of ​​TikTok

FOOD – Balsamic vinegar, sparkling water and Coca-Cola. If these three words seem to have no connection between them, TikTok users have managed to associate them. It all started with this video posted by Amanda Jones, aka @mandyvjones, in which she explains that her Pilates instructor drinks a “healthy” version of Coca-Cola almost every day. … Read more

To have a healthy brain, here is the diet to follow

By Clemence Dubrana Published yesterday at 5:25 p.m., Update yesterday at 6:41 p.m. The Mediterranean diet is a varied, diverse diet that changes with the seasons. Getty Images OUR ADVICES – One of the keys to protecting our brain lies in our plates. A neuroscientist tells us how to compose our menus. Having a healthy … Read more

Marine Lorphelin gives her advice for preparing balanced salads

Is a salad necessarily balanced? Not necessarily. A salad is balanced if it is made up of varied ingredients in a quantity that is well proportioned and adapted to our needs. I remind you of the macro nutrients that are proteins, lipids, carbohydrates. As well as a sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals through fruits … Read more

The state of health of Yvan Colonna “still very serious” according to his lawyer

Yvan Colonna’s state of health “is still very serious, he has never come out of a coma” since his attack in prison, explained one of his lawyers, Me Patrice Spinosi, on Tuesday at France Inter, confirming that a request for suspension of sentence was to be filed. “Hope exists but it is tenuous”, added the … Read more