The Newfoundland: origin, size and character

Very gentle, the Newfoundland is the family dog ​​par excellence. He is protective and caring. With its imposing appearance, the Newfoundland is recognized as an outstanding hardworking dog, as brave as it is intelligent. His origins The Newfoundland has been asked for many jobs. The origins of this breed date back to the twelfthand … Read more

The Devon Rex: origin, size and character

Naturally expansive, the Devon Rex is a dynamic cat that likes to have fun and requires attention from those around it. the Devon Rex is distinguished by his atypical physique. This cat easily adapts to different living environments, from apartments to individual homes. His origins The origins of the Devon Rex date back to the … Read more

Tonkinese: origin, size and character

Particularly affectionate, the Tonkinese is a cat that likes to solicit the attention of its master. Naturally playful, the tonkinese is very sociable with household members and other pets. Here are the main characteristics and qualities of this breed of cat. His origins The Tonkinese comes from a cross between the Burmese and the Siamese. … Read more