coworking with cats is now possible at Gentlecat!

The famous cat bar has just reopened after being closed for two weeks. Look no further for the Gentlecat at 16 rue du General Plessier! The cat bar in the Perrache district has moved a few hundred meters further. More exactly 51 rue Auguste Comte. “New location, new atmosphere“, declare Jimmy and Jérémy, the two … Read more

Kenneth Feinberg, the lawyer responsible for estimating the lives of 9/11 victims

His mission was to distribute the compensation fund for the victims of the attacks. Kenneth Feinberg’s work asks a cardinal question: what is the dollar value of a human life? We are on September 22, 2001 when George W. Bush signs the bill that establishes the creation of a compensation fund for the victims of … Read more

“it takes about 2400 liters of water to make a burger” warns the Alec

Recently, members of the local energy and climate agency (Alec) in Lyon unveiled an instructive study on burgers. And more particularly on the resources necessary to manufacture them. Finding precise answers doesn’t seem so simple, since these change depending on what ingredients you choose inside your sandwich. “The carbon impact of a beef burger is … Read more

three brothers sentenced for a pitched battle with restaurateurs and their customers

This Friday, three brothers appeared before the Villefranche-sur-Saône court. A few days earlier, they had been at the origin of a severe fight started in front of a restaurant in Tarare in the Rhône. For some unexplained reason, the trio had appeared in front of the establishment on Monday evening to do battle. Not only … Read more

Pizzas at 1 euro for the opening of a restaurant in Lyon!

From 6 p.m. on Wednesday May 4, Lyonnais will be able to enjoy pizzas for 1 euro at 39 rue Roger Salengro. The Pizza Cozy pizzeria brand is packing its bags in the 9th arrondissement of Lyon and launching a seduction operation for its opening. A solidarity opening to attract Lyonnais to the new brand. … Read more

why do we eat in a “bouchon” lyonnais?

The people of Lyon love it, the Lyonnais Bouchons are an institution of the capital of Gaul. A small stall, wooden tables and checkered tablecloths, no doubt this is the right place to enjoy a dish of dumplings, a sapper apron and canut brains. Or to make the traditional mâchon. The term “cork” derives its … Read more

stolen puppy found by police during arrest

The facts date back to last Monday. On the morning of April 25, rue Francis-de-Pressensé in Villeurbanne, a man, who was holding a puppy on a leash, stole a phone from the bag of a woman accompanied by a friend before fleeing. Moments later, they spotted the alleged thief. They went to chat with him … Read more

They flee to avoid paying the restaurant bill in Mons but are filmed in the act and posted on social networks

Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 5:43 p.m. By Charlotte Joly This Tuesday evening, two customers of the “Maxime’s” restaurant in Mons managed to escape without paying the bill. But they were filmed in the act and posted on social media. It was a very bad experience for Maxime Sakkas and his team at … Read more