That Moment a Puppy Says Goodbye to His Newly Adopted, Gorgeous Best Friend

Puppies have the ability to soften us, sometimes because of their behavior and sometimes when we discover that they have the ability to feel. in an extremely touching way.

The following story has gone viral due to this outburst of tenderness that emanates from the images. Thousands of users did not hesitate to share the adorable and’ tender scene of a puppy.

Moment a puppy says goodbye to his best friend

© Twitter

Dayana Davila (@dayanavdo) shared the story on TikTok. She filmed the adorable reaction of a puppy when he saw that his best friend, with whom he shared the same bed at the shelter, was finally going to have a new home.

But his friend stopped when he heard one of the puppies start crying because it was his playmate.

The puppy left alone was able to see through the glass they were about to be separated and had no choice but to say goodbye with his paw.

© Capture TikTok

Unfortunately, the girl couldn’t keep them both, so she only took the dog that caught her eye. But she hopes her pup’s best friend will find a good family.

Also, shelter staff said it was only a matter of time before the two found a new, loving family to care for and protect them.

Here is the video of the two dogs saying goodbye to each other:

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