The Bread Festival is back in Paris this spring 2022

By Caroline J., My B. Posted May 2, 2022 4:56 PM

The Fête du Pain returns to Paris from Saturday May 14 to Sunday May 22, 2022 on the forecourt of Notre-Dame Cathedral. In the program ? Reconstituted bakehouses, ovens, many bakers without forgetting of course, the star of this gourmet event, I named the famous French traditional baguette which will be offered every day throughout this Bread Festival, 2022 edition.

The Bread Festival is back this spring 2022 after two years of absence due to the health crisis. HAS Paristhe event is announced on the Forecourt of Notre-Dame Cathedral. And for this great comeback in the capital, the Bread Festival intends to offer to the young and old gourmets that we are, 9 days of activities and discoveries to live from Saturday 14 to Sunday 22 May 2022.

For the curious and the little gourmands, this huge pop-up bakery installed in the 4th arrondissement of Paris is the opportunity to know everything about the manufacture of bread, pastries and other sweet products thanks to our friends the bakers who will have the pleasure of making you discover their profession through the sharing of convivial and festive moments.

Be aware, moreover, that not all bread sellers have the right to call themselves ” baker ” Where ” bakery “. Also, the Bread Festival is an opportunity for the profession to highlight its differences, to promote bread made according to the rules of the art and to remind that good bread has a name: French Traditional Bread.

This year, the theme of transmission of craftsmanship was selected, with the slogan “There’s life in the Bakery“.

The 2022 Bread Festival in ParisThe 2022 Bread Festival in ParisThe 2022 Bread Festival in Paris

As a reminder, the Bread Festival was launched in 1996 on the initiative of Jean-Pierre Raffarin, then Minister of SMEs, Trade and Crafts. Since then, the event has returned each year around May 16, the day of Saint-Honoré, patron saint of millers, flour merchants, bakers and pastry chefs.

On the program of this new edition of the Bread Festival in Paris ? Reconstituted bakehouses, ovens, bakers and bakers, but also apprentices at work, and many french tradition baguettes made every day… There will be something for everyone! Also, the competition prize of best croissant in Greater Paris will be given on Monday, May 16 during this bread festival. Stay connected to discover the detailed program of this Bread Festival 2022expected from May 14 to 22 on the Square of Notre-Dame.

So, who is good bread and its secrets for?

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