The children go to the canteen: on the way they make a shocking discovery and the town hall is alerted – Cause animal

The children go to the canteen

Monday, April 4, in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt in Val-d’Oise, the children of a school made a discovery that was enough to make people sick.

The students were on their way to the canteen when they had the saddest vision. On the schoolyard floor, the head of a black cat lay.

The stray cat was fed

According to the parents of the students, this black cat had been going to the schoolyard where it was fed for a few days.

The town hall of Saint-Leu-la-Forêt has confirmed that a cat’s head had been found in the school grounds and that unfortunately the cat’s head had been put in the trash. No autopsy was performed.

Dramatic circumstances

The animal defense association L’École du chat libre du Parisis has been notified of the case.

The members of the association transmitted the file to the national confederation for the defense of animals. They regret that there was no autopsy of the cat’s head.

With further analysis, this would perhaps have made it possible to know more about the circumstances of his death. And we might have been able to find out whether the cat belonged to someone or not.

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