The Facebook group Copains de resto “fights against isolation while helping restaurateurs”

Six hundred twenty-two members in one month. We can say that this is an encouraging start for Anne, the founder of the Facebook group “Copains de restaurant – Bordeaux”. Settled in the Gironde capital for six years, this Bordelaise has just embarked on a brand new adventure with an innovative concept.

Which ? Allow strangers to meet around a restaurant table to promote social ties, fight against the isolation of people while giving a helping hand to professionals who have been going through difficult times since the start of the Covid epidemic. -19. To understand how it works, 20 minutes went to meet the creator of this group.

How did the idea for Copains de restaurant come about?

In fact, at the beginning, it comes above all from my personal experience. I like to travel a lot, from time to time in solo mode, and I realized over the years that I often meet single people in restaurants. I have also had several testimonials from friends who completely refrain from going to a restaurant because they are alone, for example during business trips, tourist visits or even in their city if they do not have friends. , family or spouse available to go when they feel like it. This group is also made for new residents because when you arrive in a city, it’s not always easy to meet people, to recreate a social life. And then there is the other side, which was to find a way to help restaurateurs improve their occupancy rate in a difficult post-Covid situation by capturing customers who would not come to the restaurant alone.

How does the Facebook group work?

The objective is to test the concept in Bordeaux and see if it can interest customers. Everything starts with restaurants. Today, I work with five establishments (Maison Julien, l’Escalette, Masaniello, le Clandestin and le Bistrot l’Autrement). Each week, he gives me slots on which they will have room to welcome people, I post the events on the group and people register for free before meeting on site. The bill is paid directly to the restaurants. It’s win-win. The objective is to fight against isolation and loneliness by creating social ties and making life easier for everyone, while helping restaurant owners find new customers for them. You can come alone, as a couple or with friends. Most restaurants offer tables of four to eight seats, without a reduction, however, because my objective is above all to help them in these complicated times for them.

What are the first returns?

They are quite good for the first participants, there have already been a few tables with very different profiles. Women who have just moved to the city, a woman from Bordeaux who wants to develop her social network, a man who was on a business trip… In short, that is exactly the purpose of the group. Now, the group will have to grow to respond positively to all restaurant proposals and offer even more establishments. We will also try to organize themed evenings with, for example, wine tastings. I believe in it and it can really interest a lot of people of all ages. If it works, the goal is to move from the Facebook group to a real website.

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