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The story of the cat Dexter, in Scotland, is out of the ordinary. His mistress had thought him lost, even dead, for five years. But the feline was found on an offshore oil platform in the North Sea, from which it was evacuated by helicopter.

The story of the cat Dexter is worthy of an adventure film. It starts in a sad, and rather classic way. A woman loses her cat in Scotland, UK, searches for it but can’t find it. The research ends up stopping, it is assumed that Dexter is dead. A twist, five years later: the animal, alive and well, was able to find its mistress, after being evacuated on April 22, 2022 by helicopter from an offshore oil platform in the North Sea, off the Scottish coast, reports the BBC and other British media.

Found on a platform in the North Sea

The oil rig crew found the cat on April 21, inside a container shipped from the port of Peterhead in the far east of Scotland. It is therefore assumed that the cat had slipped into it, before it was embarked for the platform off the coast.

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The cat only spent one day on the platform. The crew absolutely could not keep him, but still took care of him until his evacuation the next day, feeding him chicken from the canteen. The return of the cat to the mainland was organized by helicopter, and the humane society of Scotland, the SCPA came to recover the little beast at the heliport, as it relates in a press release.

The Dexter cat. (Photo: Scottish SPCA)

“One-eyed Joe”, the friend of the prison guards

The cat had a particular sign: it was missing an eye. But for about five years, the guards of Peterhead prison had taken to feeding a stray cat from the area, which they had nicknamed “Joe the one-eyed”. The volunteers of the association who knew this story quickly realized that it was the same animal!

Having taken care of the airlifted cat, the SCPA checked whether it was identified. A simple step that no one had done before, which revealed that the friend of the prison guards had a microchip, and that it was in fact Dexter, a cat who had a family before become a stray cat…

We do not know the reaction of his mistress when the little beast was returned to him, but we can imagine his surprise and his joy. Dexter, meanwhile, would now have a good reason to spend his days lounging on the family sofa after all these adventures.

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