The lawyers of Montluçon (Allier) are committed to better defend minors and victims of domestic violence

Every week, dozens of files arrive in the hands of lawyers from the Montluçon bar. Files, added to others, synonymous with new appointments, new approaches and new audiences. Files still adding lines to their busy diaries.

However, in Montluçon, those who have taken an oath to exercise their functions with “dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity”, want to go even further. By mobilizing even more than they already do for their clients and litigants.

Me Marie-Laure Bonneau-Vigier, new President of the Bar Association of Montluçon (Allier)

Two associations created in February 2021

The year 2021 saw the creation of two associations made up of black dresses: Groupe Montluçon lawyers defending victims of domestic violence (Avvif) and Child Montluçon lawyer 03 (EMA 03). The first, as its name suggests, to support women, children and men who are victims of domestic violence. The second, to defend minors in court.

This mobilization, Me Muriel Casanova, president of Avvif, explains: “It is in the culture of the Montluçonnais bar. We have regular exchanges between colleagues. There is a momentum for training and a real desire to improve our practices. »

Supporting victims of domestic violence

They are eleven lawyers (out of the thirty-one of the bar) to have joined Avvif. “A number of us have, in the context of our professional practice, felt a real empathy for the victims of domestic violence. »

“These are always situations that affect us humanly, beyond our position as a lawyer. We can provide our legal technical expertise, but when the person leaves our office, they are alone again. »

Me Muriel casanova (president of the Avvif association)

She continues: “Sometimes there are protective tools but we are not necessarily calm. We wonder what will happen behind. We ourselves are helpless in the face of this. We therefore need tools, interlocutors to support the victims. Between lawyers, we needed to regroup. To share our practices, discuss, find interlocutors…”Me Casanova is president of the Avvif association, which wishes to defend victims of domestic violence. Photo: Florian Salesse

Avvif’s lawyers also want to set up training to, in particular, “know how to welcome the words of victims”. “The goal is to enrich our knowledge and to bring together a fund of case law, to know the texts available to victims, to work as well as possible. We do not want to neglect the victims. »

The 2021 activity of the Montluçon judicial court (Allier) in a few figures

Defend the rights of minors

The EMA 03 association does not wish to neglect minors. “The objective of the association is to make known the rights of minors. Already for an adult, it can be destabilizing to have to deal with a magistrate, so for a minor it can be all the more impressive”, explains Me Dorian Trespeux, president of EMA 03.

“Several of us from the bar defend minors. And for example, when a case goes before a family court judge, the child has the right to be heard. »

“It is not necessarily back in the mores, but it can be assisted by a lawyer. So it is useful to get together and publicize these things. »

me dorian very scary (president of EMA 03)

The association, made up of fourteen lawyers, wants to inform minors, by going to schools, sports clubs, communicating with the Departmental Council, the Rectorate, homes, to make young people aware of their rights.Me Trespeux chairs the association EMA 03 which defends minors in court. Photo: Cécile Champagnat

“At the end of last year, the association also set up a service dedicated to minors. When a hearing takes place, the judge or the investigators can call. This guarantees independence and neutrality of the lawyer [notamment vis-à-vis des parents, NDLR]. “As well as the guarantee of having a lawyer more specialized in listening to minors.

“Because this is also the goal of EMA 03. The members undertake to follow various training courses: for example on child psychology, to have keys, communication tools, on developments in criminal procedure minors…” To provide the best possible support for minors in court and so that they are not just another line in their diary.

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Text: Laura Morel

Photos: Florian Salesse and Cécile Champagnat


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