The mysteries of the dingo, this dog that is not quite a dog

He answers to the bizarre name of dingo (in French), a term coming from an aboriginal language of his country of residence, Australia. This canine which strongly resembles a dog is an enigma. It is little appreciated by local breeders who consider it a danger for their sheep, a situation which, on a completely different scale, is reminiscent of that of the wolf in France. In recent years, science has begun to shed light on the gray areas surrounding the animal.

The first mystery of the dingo lies in its nature: is it a derivative of the dog, the wolf, a bit of both? With a corollary, also very vague: was it domesticated in the mists of history, and if so, when? Archeology has not yet delivered any clues one way or the other, and only genetics can shed some light today.

The dog, man’s best friend: what if it was in his genes?

Some specialists already have firm convictions on the subject. “Australian Aborigines understood that dingoes and colonial dogs were different explains American anthropologist Pat Shipman. They really are, I think so. Much genetic and behavioral work has been done with wolves, dogs and dingoes. These come somewhere in between. »

Dog or wolf, that is the question…

For Pat Shipman, dingoes are an important step in the history of canines. “If you look at a dingo with

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