the opponent Maurice Kamto joins the collective of lawyers defending the detainees of the MRC

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The former presidential candidate and Cameroonian opponent joins the collective of lawyers who defend the militants of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC). Sentenced in September 2020 by military justice for their participation in a demonstration, they demanded a reform of the electoral system, the transparency of the funds used for the CAN 2022 and peace in the regions with an English-speaking majority.

Maurice Kamto intervenes in this file because he is a lawyer, many people do not know it”, explains Master Emmanuel Simh, also an MRC executive, joined by Amelie Tuletfrom the Africa editorial staff.

We think that we also need his experience and his notoriety in matters of international law because it is possible that, later, we will be able to exercise legal remedies at the international level if our case is not heard at the national “, he adds.

In September 2020, Cameroonian opponent Maurice Kamto invited Cameroonians to protest peacefully to demand the departure of President Paul Biya and the postponement of regional elections if the crisis in the English-speaking regions is not resolved and if the electoral system does not is not consensually reformed. Today, one hundred of them are still behind bars, after one of the MRC activists died on April 7 in thecholera outbreak in New Bell Prison in Douala.

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The collective of lawyers resumes service for appeal procedures before the Courts of Yaoundé, Douala and Bafoussam. I should note that this is not the first time that Maurice Kamto has intervened in proceedings in Cameroon concerning human rights. He had been the lawyer for Mr. Paul Ayah Abine, at the time a former magistrate, he had been the lawyer for Master Félix Agbor Balla in the context of the Anglophone crisis », continues Master Emmanuel Simh.

So it is not unprecedented and we have specified that Mr. Kamto will simply intervene as a lawyer. Any other interpretation binds and commits only those persons who could interpret it otherwise. “.

The procedure moves from military jurisdiction to civilian jurisdiction for the next stage of the appeal. No hearing date has yet been set. As for the health situation at the New Bell prison in Douala, Master Simh affirms that five detained members have been infected and are currently receiving care outside the prison.


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