the president hits the bar, the lawyers no longer plead until further notice

This Tuesday, October 26, as a trial for drug trafficking began at the Ajaccio courthouse, the lawyers for the 11 defendants requested several dismissals but the court did not accept them. Following this refusal, all of the black dresses left the audience.

Called by the president of the court, Julia Tiberi, the president of the Ajaccio bar was responsible for appointing court-appointed lawyers to defend the defendants. Lacking knowledge of the file, the clerks requested additional time to study the case. “The request was legitimate, it is a sprawling file with 32 volumes, 5300 procedural codes and 11 defendants”assures Maître Tiberi who was also part of the office clerks called and who did not hesitate to strike the bar when she and her colleagues were again refused by the court.

By this extreme action, all lawyers of the bar no longer have the right to plead until further notice, otherwise they would risk a disciplinary council. Only Julia Tiberi will have the power to lift this ban which Master Carlotti and Master Gatti, two former presidents of the bar, had already made use of. “The goal is that the situation calms down, that we find a more harmonious functioning of the jurisdiction”, explains Julia Tiberi who sees a deeper problem in this conflict: that of the organizational difficulties of the jurisdiction and degraded relations. “On criminal hearings with defendants who face 20 years in prison, we cannot hear organizational problems as arguments”, she continues.

The president of the bar requested an emergency meeting with the heads of jurisdiction, the prosecutor and the president of the court. An appointment has been set for Tuesday, November 2 in the afternoon. A date which for the chairman seems late, therefore the ban on pleading will not be lifted at least until this appointment.


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