the president of the SPA du Gers suspected of having stolen dogs

Imbroglio at the SPA du Gers, whose president, who obviously had methods of her own, has just been indicted this Thursday after two days in police custody. According to Jacques-Edouard Andrault, the public prosecutor of Auch, she is suspected of “breach of trust” but also, more serious given her function, of “complicity in willful attack on the life of an animal” .

It all started in early April when an owner reported the disappearance of these two dogs in Eauze, in the north of the department. The two animals ended up at the SPA refuge, which also acts as a departmental pound. Except that when their master wanted to recover them, the president opposed it. She gave one up for adoption. As for the other, she would have “asked a third person” to shoot him “with a firearm”, explains the magistrate, suggesting that she had “probably judged that the owner was not legitimate for the keep “.

The investigation continues

The SPA du Gers must meet this Friday an extraordinary board of directors to find a new leader. The suspect, placed under judicial control, no longer has the right to go to the shelter or even to exercise an activity related to animals.

Investigators are now trying to find out if other such cases have occurred in the past.

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