The recipe for lemon pasta from an Italian chef

Lemon pasta from chef Gabriele Muti, chef of the Uncino restaurant in Paris.

Lemon spaghetti by Gabriele Muti

Ingredients for 2 people:
200g spaghetti
4 lemons + a little zest
200g of milk
35g olive oil
Salt and pepper

Wrap the 4 lemons in aluminum foil, place them in a convection oven preheated to 80 degrees for 1 hour.
Leave to cool, roughly chop them, mix and filter. You will get a kind of thick cream of lemons, that’s theassoluto of lemons.
Set aside the unfiltered leftovers, they will be placed in the cooking water of the pasta (in a large tea filter, or wrapped in gauze or failing that, like us, wrapped in cling film, delicately pierced.)

Once theassoluto ready, prepare the milk reduction with lemons, which will serve as a base.

In a saucepan, pour 200g of whole milk, 35g of olive oil, a drizzle of water and theassoluto lemons (about 100g).
Bring to the boil and reduce by half, filter and place in a pan.
Start cooking the pasta in salted water (8g of salt/litre of water) and with the remains of theassoluto.
Cook for half the time recommended on the package.
Then place the pasta in the pan with the lemon milk reduction and gradually add the cooking water to finish cooking, like a risotto.
Arrange, pour a few drops of olive oil, scrape some lemon zest, and add a turn of the pepper mill.

Find the recipe in video on the Instagram account of chef Gabriele Muti.


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