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Me Philippe Roberge, co-founder and CEO

Me Philip Roberge is a dynamic representative of Generation Y, bringing a breath of fresh air to concepts and habits rooted in the field of law for ages.

Member of the Bar since 2014, this lawyer specializing in corporate law worked for eight years with SMEs in a large firm. And it’s thanks to these clients… that he discovered his entrepreneurial flair!

“I loved these files, just as much as the business development that preceded them,” he says. Board meetings, cocktails and networking dinners; the dynamic lawyer jumped at every possible opportunity to expand his clientele.

“Despite everything, I found this activity to be very energy-intensive,” he admits. Until one day, an idea came to my mind: why wouldn’t our customers come to us, rather than the other way around? »

It didn’t take much for Me Roberge to swap his robe for a suit and discuss his project with a handful of friends, who have since become his partners within, a platform that has completely transformed the way thousands of lawyers now manage their business development.

The business accelerator 2.0

Many entrepreneurs say so. Sometimes all it takes is the right idea, at the right time and with the right people to be successful. This is exactly what happened for Mr. Philippe Roberge, who has surrounded himself with legal, information technology and web marketing experts who are both complementary and effective.

This “Dream Team”, as he likes to call it, has created such an intuitive and effective engine for bringing together all types of clients and lawyers throughout Quebec and Ontario that one wonders how no one thought of it earlier.

JuriGo's logo


JuriGo’s logo

“Indeed, using JuriGo couldn’t be simpler,” confirms Mr. Roberge. Individuals or groups who have needs go to the website free of charge, and they describe their situation using a series of criteria: the geographical territory, their status, the area of ​​law sought, whether it is legal aid or not, small or large cases, etc. »

From there, this data is analyzed by an artificial intelligence engine, then by an operator who validates all requests before they are referred to JuriGo’s partners, lawyers specializing in the branches sought. And hop ! Contact is made!

The success of the platform, launched at the end of 2019, was immediate, especially since the pandemic quickly made the search for lawyers more complex and facilitated the rise of the virtualization of legal files.

“In fact, JuriGo’s results even exceeded our expectations,” admits Me Roberge. The site welcomes an average of 300,000 visitors per year! This translated in 2021 to 25,000 validated references, and we are aiming for 35,000 in 2022.”

A very profitable collaboration

At JuriGo, the real clients are the lawyers who want to develop their business. The platform already has more than 500 partners, including independent prosecutors, boutique firms and large firms. Why did they choose this engine?

“Because 1 dollar invested in this JuriGo brings in 12 on average, first of all, answers the entrepreneur-lawyer. Our prices are actually established by reference blocks, and not by fee splits. So, if a reference leads the lawyer concerned to work on several files, good for him! You should also know that each reference is targeted by specialty, and that our customers have several rights of refusal. »

Charles-Antoine Giroux, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer


Charles-Antoine Giroux, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

This formula serves the legal community well, in view of the testimonials of professionals who are pouring in. A CNESST/SAAQ self-employed lawyer wrote: “I thought it was too good to be true! The first week, I received about ten private mandates in administrative law. »

A satisfaction also displayed by a business lawyer in a large firm: “I am surprised at the quality of the business law requests. We have generated significant mandates thanks to JuriGo: both in litigation and transactional. »

It must be said that the structure of JuriGo benefits all legal areas. Engine references range from divorces, dismissals, latent defects, immigration sponsorships, impaired driving and business start-ups, to collective bargaining, franchisor litigation, multi-million real estate transactions …and even murder files!

“We are truly representative of the market, with files of all kinds to refer from individuals, various companies or public organizations such as MRCs and municipalities,” confirms Me Roberge.

Major growth

Due to the success of JuriGo in Quebec and Ontario, Me Philippe Roberge and his associates are no longer afraid to think big. In a few years, the already bilingual engine should shine from one end of Canada to the other, with adaptations according to the rules and laws in force for each province.

The entrepreneur also knows that the needs are enormous in certain disciplines and in certain places. “There are clearly, he explains, a shortage of lawyers, litigants tell us this all the time”.

The 500 current partners of JuriGo are no longer sufficient for the task. “They are really overworked! It’s a beautiful problem, isn’t it? concludes the lawyer, who is actively seeking to recruit new collaborators/clients to support JuriGo in its growth.

A platform that we have not finished hearing about!


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