The walk with his bull terrier ends in blood: “Like a madman, he stabs my dog ​​six times”

Thierry Antony, from Cruzy, is still all turned upside down. Sunday, April 24, he was walking Sysko, his dog, a young bull terrier of 12 months in the wood of Sériège in Biterrois.

“When suddenly, I see a couple arriving from afar who were also walking three dogs, not kept on a leashtells the Cruzyate. I stand on a high point with my dog ​​to wait until the owners of the three “cane corso” pass me. My dog ​​was on a leash.

But when the dogs pass by, Sysko manages to slip under his collar and rushes at the youngest of the cane corso. A fight in the road ditch between dogs begins. Thierry, who suffers from a slight handicap, rushes to separate the dogs. The couple and the two cane corso remain motionless.

Screams and fights

“The man was yelling at me, ‘Hurry up, hurry up, otherwise I’m planting your dog.’ I was trying to go as fast as possible.” The man succeeds “dip” in the ditch to separate the dogs. “Suddenly he passed over me, lying in the ditch, trying to get the tail of the “cane corso” that Sysko was biting to drop, and stabbed my dog ​​six times. Like a madman, in rage! “

The couple and the three dogs then fled, leaving Thierry and Sysko, bloodied, in the ditch. “I didn’t have a phone. So I left my dog ​​in the ditch to go home.” When he arrives home, he leaves with one of his sons to look for his dog. On the spot, the young person spots a gray car parked at the edge of the woods large enough to contain three dogs.

Seriously injured in the jugular, cheek and neck

“While we were busy going to the vet, my two sons looked all over the territory for this car, which they ended up finding, parked in front of a pavilion, in Abeilhan. They called me, I went find them in front of the house, and we called the Capestang gendarmerie.” The patrol rang: it was indeed the couple in question who lived there. When questioned, the man admitted to having stabbed the dog. A complaint was filed with the police.

As for Sysko, luckily his injuries were not fatal. He was seriously injured in the jugular, cheek and neck. Followed by the veterinarian who stopped the bleeding in time, he is gradually recovering from this bad encounter.

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