These 7 expired products in your cupboard that you can still eat!

Products: Tin of sardines, canned ravioli or packet of rice: you find this type of expired food at the back of your cupboard. Your reflex? Immediately throw them in the trash. Normal: the expiry date has already passed. And yet, you may be able to consume them. Indeed, some foods may pose a risk of poisoning after their expiry date. But others don’t. So to avoid wasting, quickly find out which ones.

DLC or DDM: quesako?

First of all, know that the DLC means “use by date”. It mainly concerns fresh products such as meat, fish, certain cooked dishes, charcuterie. On the packets, you can’t go wrong: the use-by date always appears in the form “Use before…”. Thus, the manufacturer indicates an exact date from which there is a microbiological risk. Here, there is no question of playing with your health: we therefore advise you not to eat these products after this date.

But there is the DLC and the DDM. The MDD is thus a “minimum durability date”. On the packages, impossible to confuse with the DLC: the date of minimum durability always appears in the form “to be consumed preferably before…”. Because the DDM indicates a date from which the properties of the product deteriorate. Thus, it can be the taste, the appearance or the smell. But the product keeps very well beyond the DDM. Thus, preserves, spices, dry products such as pasta, rice, quinoa, etc. feature DDMs, not DLCs.

Do you love chocolate and you completely forgot this plate in your cupboard? Fortunately, you should still be able to bite into it! Indeed, the chocolate can be kept for up to 2 years after the expiry date, if it is not placed in the refrigerator. However, it is advisable to always store chocolate in a cool, dry place.

These products not to be thrown away so quickly…

Cans: beef ravioli or canned tuna or sardines can be kept for several years after the expiry date. If you open a box with a very distant MDD, still take a look at the product. The smell and general appearance must be correct. However, it is still advisable to consume cans containing meat or fish within two months of the expiry date indicated on the product. You can never be too careful!

For rice or pasta, nothing to worry about. Indeed, these foodstuffs are kept dry away from the sun. So you can leave them in the back of your closet for as long as you want. Because there is no risk in consuming these products up to a year after their expiry date, if not longer…

… to fight against waste!

Flour is essential for making a cake. But if you don’t have time to finish the package before the expiration date, know that this is not necessarily a problem. You can indeed store the flour even if the expiry date has passed. The only condition is to make sure that it is not in contact with certain harmful ones, such as food myths.

Honey does not expire. It can therefore be stored without limit. It only slightly loses its taste over time. Ground coffee can be drunk up to 6 months after the expiry date that you see on the packaging. No health risk here. But coffee can lose some of its qualities and flavors. Oat flakes, finally, like other cereals, can be eaten within 6 months after the expiry date. You are therefore ready to fight against food waste which is ecologically devastating!

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