these products can be dangerous for health, they are chewing gums and sweets

Several days after indicating a first reminder of items from the Elite factory in Nof Hagalil for fear of salmonella contamination, the Strauss company decided to remove all items made in this manufacturing unit from the shelves, extending what was already a massive recall.

A desire for caution

Calling the move an “excess of caution,” Strauss said it was asking the public not to eat any product made at the northern Israeli factory regardless of the expiration date, including chewing gum and caramels. The recall was considered the most notable in the history of the Hebrew state before the latest announcement.

The brands of chewing gum concerned are those of the Must, Bazooka and Alma brand, and all Elite candies. The recalled products join a series of recalled Elite items, for example chocolates such as Para, Pesek Zman, Kif Kef and Taami bars, as well as energy bars, wafers, cookies and brownies made by Elite. A series of products that contain Elite chocolate, such as Milky chocolate chip puddings, rice cakes with chocolate and a wide range of Strauss ice creams have also been recalled out of caution.

A broad reminder

The decision, made this weeks, follows initial lab results from the plant in question which indicated salmonella in two of 270 samples tested. Strauss said he notified Israel’s Health Ministry of the results and opted to halt plant operations until all concerns have been identified and resolved.

Strauss said he made the decision to expand the recall to include chewing gum and candy “despite the fact that we currently have no indication that the products may cause concern.”

“We will not take any risks with regard to public health,” Strauss CEO Eyal Dror said in a statement to the press. “Company management apologizes to the Israeli public, customers and retailers for this malfunction. »

Dror promised that Strauss will “learn from the incident, change and improve the test device and only resume production when it is satisfied that the factory is in order and that the products no longer present a danger – as is supposed to do so a responsible company like Strauss”. The manufacturer said it did not know, until now, the source of the salmonella epidemic.

Food security, a key issue

“We are facing a real problem. It is our duty to compensate our consumers. We take our responsibilities and I believe that our honesty will be accepted,” says Eyal Dror.

Mass recall: Strauss had indicated a mass recall, calling on consumers last Monday not to buy and stores not to sell chocolate and snack products for fear of salmonella contamination. Within a week, the company extended the recall to other items after lab tests revealed other suspicious bacteria.

In recent weeks, health scandals have multiplied. On Objeko, we had the opportunity to tell you about the Fraich’up pizzas from the Buitoni brand which were at the heart of the turmoil. Apparently, hygiene in one of the factories seemed a bit problematic from photos posted on social media. Another controversy, Ferrero chocolates have led to some hospitalizations. It must be said that food security is a key issue.

Controls exist among manufacturers and organizations linked to the State are also there to ensure that food products can be eaten without danger. Regularly, food scandals appear. Sometimes the ingredients on the label don’t match what’s actually in the box. In France, spot checks take place to verify the manufacturing process. Some products also come from abroad. In the weeks and months to come, Objeko will keep you informed of all the news.

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