these students hit hard by inflation

Jade, 20 years old, student at a landscape school in Bordeaux

“Because of the price increase, I went to another supermarket, even if there are not the same products and not as many choices […]. Even in this supermarket, my week is much more expensive in shopping than at the beginning of the year. It made me 30 euros per week, and there I find that I am rather at 40 euros. I no longer dare to buy certain fruits too much”.

“For gasoline, we see that even on Blablacar people have increased their prices enormously. Before it was 20 euros the trip to go to Nantes to see my parents, now it’s 30 euros. I do Blablacar, because if I take a car trip, it’s around 80 euros. I limit the use of the car. Last year, I went to school more often with it. Here I avoid. »

Mohammed, 27, in digital uses in Paris 8

“When you go to a supermarket to buy food, I find that it has really increased. I noticed it on tomatoes, apples, vegetables, eggs… We are forced to buy the cheapest by force of circumstance. I’m the type who manages, but it’s getting tight.

Sabrina, 27, in her 3rd year of law at Nanterre

“For maybe one or two months, when I go shopping, limit I buy two or three things and it already makes me 20 euros. This is reflected at the end of the month. I’m cutting the budget for everything meat and fish. […] For electricity, I have the impression that there is a horrible increase”.

“I borrow my father’s car less, it’s really very rare. Before, I used to ask him to lend it to me for anything and everything, but we have changed our habits. I was helping her a little with gas because I have a student job, but I told her I couldn’t anymore. The last time I tried to fill it up, it cost me more than 80 euros”.

Lydie*, in 3rd year of Psycho in Bordeaux

“Before the Covid, I could shop for 35-40 euros per week and I could eat normally. There it is not possible. I select on brands, on types of products too. I try to buy only raw materials to cook myself. I no longer buy sauces. Before, I really liked avocado, pesto, even Gruyère cheese, but now I don’t buy that too much. Meat, I buy more. I hardly take yogurts anymore”

“When I go to my parents, I ask them to stock up on sanitary protection, cotton, shampoo or conditioner. I used to buy them before. […] With my boyfriend, we don’t use too much electricity. »

“At the beginning of the year, we would go to the beach or to the city center by car. We try not to do too much. To go see our parents, we will favor the train”.

* The first name has been changed

Arnaud, 23, in sound production in the Paris region

“I live with help. The fact that the prices are rising means that I have less left over for the rent. It is sometimes complicated. I limit myself a lot in my purchases. Sometimes I can go two or three weeks without eating real meals, just because it’s too expensive. I eat things on the go, I really ration myself”.

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